Preserving & Promoting Southborough & High Brooms' Heritage

Publications covering Southborough & High Brooms

We include some publications that cover various aspects of life in Southborough & High Brooms which you may find of interest.



A magazine about Southborough especially compiled by Southborough & High Brooms Age Concern. This magazine was produced in the 1980's and includes a number of interesting articles, photographs & drawings of local views.


Southborough and High Brooms in old

picture postcards

by A M Macfarlane

A small hard back book in the "Back in Time" series produced by Maxwell Macfarlane, the current President of the Southborough Society. This book contains over 70 postcards with informative narrative about each of the picture postcards shown. Although this book is long out of print, it can still occasionally be obtained on the internet.



 Voices of Southborough & High Brooms

                         by Chris McCooey

A soft backed book detailing the changes to everyday life during the last century in Southborough and High Brooms. Every aspect of life is covered from childhood memories, to routine tasks that have vanished.The book contains a wide range of photographs and illustrations. This book is readily available from bookshops or on the internet.


 Images of Southborough & High Brooms

                       by Chris McCooey

A soft backed book containing a large collection of over 200 old photographs of Southborough and High Brooms. The images are accompanied by comprehensive captions which shed light on every aspect of life in Southborough and High Brooms. This book is readily available from bookshops or on the internet.


 Southborough War Memorial: The Stories of Those Commemorated

by Judith Johnson

A unique record of the two hundred and fifty-three men and one woman associated with Southborough and High Brooms, who are commemorated on the Southborough War Memorial, the majority of whom lost their lives in the two World Wars of the twentieth century. It recalls details of their lives and their final resting-places, as well as some of the memories of those they left behind.

'A magnificent piece of highly investigative research, worthy of those named on the War Memorial'- Lt Col Maxwell Macfarlane, President of the Southborough Society.


 The Roberts Family : Growing Up in 1940/1950's Southborough

by Cory Roberts

A detailed account of growing up in Doric Avenue will re-kindle memories for his peers and intrigue later generations. The book is illustrated with many old photographs, some from the Roberts' family albums, but others of general interest.

Published by Red Letter Books