Preserving & Promoting Southborough & High Brooms' Heritage

 Local views of Southborough & High Brooms

by Ian & Olwyn Kinghorn


 Christ Church

 Cricket on the Common


 Plaque on Henry Crundwell's former home

 High Brooms Brickworks - Disraeli


 High Brooms- Wyvern

 High Brooms Hotel


 London Road

 Relaxing on the Green


 Salomons' Stables

 St. Peters - Christmas Eve


 Southborough Post Office

 Sunrise on the Common


 Southborough Library

 Watching Cricket



 Holden Road

Fountains Bus Shelter


 Christmas Lights

 David Salomons' Trough

 Snowy London Road

Summer London Road 


Stuart Cottage 

Balloon over St. Peters 

Bentham Hill House 

The Old Drinking Fountain 

Holden House 

Holden Pond 
Royal Victoria Hall

 West Park Avenue


 Salomons in the snow

 Salomons'  Water Tower


Southborough from the Common 

Top of Holden Road 


Holden Pond

 St Matthews' Church, High Brooms

 Christ Church

The Parade, London Road


 Cricket Pavilon on the Common
The Weavers 

Bench opposite the Common 


The 2007 Tour de France in London Road

 St Peter's Church

The Hand and Sceptre in Autumn

 Spring on the Green