Preserving & Promoting Southborough & High Brooms' Heritage

Commemorative Plaques

During 2011/12 the Southborough Society commissioned a local potter to produce ceramic plaques to commemorate important/notable people who have contributed to society. These plaques have been placed on the property where the individual once lived. The first eight listed were unveiled in 2012 and the next six in 2013. The following four in 2014.

We would like to express our thanks to the householders who allowed them to be placed on their houses, and our thanks also goes to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council for their financial contribution to this project.

To see details of individual plaques please click on their name below.

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 Lord Dowding  
 Margaret Bondfield  
 Alex "Jock" Ross  
 Albert Mitchell  
 Arthur Duckworth   

Ernest Arthur Rowe


Link to Rowe website

 Christopher Fry  

Sir John Killick


Henry Crundwell   
Kenneth Hutchings   
 Doris Leslie  
 Katharine Tynan  
Roger Webster   
Frank Woolley   

Amelia Scott     

 Violet Godfrey

Sir Richard Haywood MBE   
 Arthur Fagg  

 Ralph Usherwood

 Guy Maunsell  Plaque not yet sited